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It is important that I show a likeness of my subjects through facial expressions. In order to do this, I must first spend time getting to know the individual. Initial visits may not include working on the drawing but engaging in casual conversation and taking several photographs. Photographs of the subject are taken under different environmental circumstances and social situations. This allows me to glean some subtle indications that reveal the subject's personality.

Although direct subject observation is important in the drawing process, much of what I do to capture personality is from memory. The drawings are more about establishing a communication link between the subject and myself.

I hope to present an honest depiction of my subject that reflects upon a suspended moment in time. When others look into my drawings, I wish for them to speculate on the subjects’ demeanor, attitudes, and general disposition. I hope that my portrait drawings remind the viewer of someone they know, have once known, or would like to get to know.

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